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Collective decision!!

and individual accountability

Nothing can change without knowledge.

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Let them grow!!!

Do not let the dream of hope to die...

We are the voice of voiceless.

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How to grow without perspective?

You have a problem in hand

own it to solve it.



Open Letter to Prime Minister of India and Chief Ministers of All States in India for setting up the active and vibrant Human Rights Courts

Basic Rights, Campaign

Please immediate implement the points raised and findings recorded by the Madras High Court   on the setting up of vibrant and active Human Rights Courts as courts of poor survivors of India.


Witch Hunting in Sonbhadra: Reality and Intervention

Anti Torture Initiative, Anti Violence Initiative

Witch hunting is a tool to oppress the critical thinking and wider participation of women in decision making process in the patriarchal society. In our Bhojpuri language they are called as KanDayan (initial form of witch hunting)


World Food Day meaningless for havenots


Today is marriage of Saif Khan and Karena Kapoor and also World Food Day[i] but media is hype catering news about their marriage but not highlighting the issue related to food security such as Mandodari and Chandra Shekhar two children Karma dancer of Raup Ghasia Basti[ii] are suffering from acute malnourishment.





Teenager raped by seven men in Datia

Anti Violence Initiative


The Chairperson
National Human Rights Commission
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
I want to bring in your towards the news published in Hindustan Times on 8th October, 2012 regarding Teenager raped by seven men in Datia (news is also enclosed)

Monday, October 08, 2012

Ritesh Mishra, Hindustan Times
Datia/Indore, October 08, 2012


First Published: 12:19 IST(8/10/2012)
Last Updated: 12:21 IST(8/10/2012)
In yet another case of atrocity against children, a 14-year-old girl was raped by seven men at Bhander, 40 kms from Datia district headquarters in Gwalior division on October 1. The matter came to light after the accused started circulating the MMS of the incident following which the girl along with her mother reached the police station on Saturday evening to lodge a complaint. No arrests were made by Datia police till Sunday evening.
Confirming the incident, SP Datia Chandrashekhar Solanki said the girl was raped a week ago. "The matter is grave and we have launched a massive hunt to nab the accused," he said.
The police said Meena (name changed), who studies in Class 6 and belongs to a poor family, was going to a grocery shop in Bhander market on October 1 in the evening when two youngsters abducted her and took her to a room. When she resisted, she was beaten. Later, seven youngsters came in the room and raped her one by one. Some of the youngsters belong to affluent families of the same area.
In her complaint, the girl has named Akhilesh Tripathi, Neetu Sengar, Sumit Gangotia, Suresh Yadav, Lucky Yadav, Kaushal Kishore Goswami and Ashu Pathan as the accused.
The police said one of the accused made an MMS of the girl and threatened her not to tell anyone about the incident or the MMS will be circulated. Sources from the area said that the shocked girl kept mum for four days but after that she narrated the incident to her father.
Apprehending trouble, her father also kept mum. The youngsters, however, started circulating the MMS on Saturday. The MMS became an embarrassment for the family and soon people also got agitated over the matter. They convinced the parents to lodge a complaint, following which the girl along with her mother, reached the police station to lodge a complaint.

"We have contacted the cyber cell and other experts so that the circulation of the MMS could be checked. Police protection has been given to the victim and her family after the incident as some of the accused are from affluent families," said the SDOP Bhander, MS Parihar. A medical team along with doctors was sent to the the victim's residence. Meanwhile, teams have been formed to nab the accused but no one has been arrested yet.

Therefore it is a kind request please take immediate action at earliest and ensure the justice, security and compensation to the victim.


Older news.

Child Hood

How to grow up without perspective ??

Key Achievement

The work of PVCHR was awarded with the Gwangju Human Rights Award 2007, ACHA Star Peace Award 2008 and 2010 Human rights prize of the city of Weimar in 2010 and Usmania Award from Madarsa Usmania, Bazardiha for the development and welfare of education.

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Basic Rights

Basic rights for marginalized groups in the Indian society, e.g. children, women, Dalits and tribes and to create a human rights culture based on democratic values. PVCHR ideology is inspired by the father of the Dalit movement, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

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Indian Society

Indians society, especially in the rural areas, is still influenced by feudalism and the caste system which continues to determine the political, social, and economic life of the country. Caste based discrimination is practiced in the educational system...

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How we work!!!

Fighting caste discrimination
The life narratives, voices, and actual experiences on this website reflect the spiritual awakenings of personalities extraordinaire who desired to make a difference in the lives of others. The passion for social justice and meaningful activities, the dedication to compassion, the commitment and healing journeys of those ordinary individuals and their stirring stories is what we intend to showcase.

PVCHR founded in 1996 by Mr. Lenin Raghuvanshi and Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi in close association with Sarod Mastro Pandit Vikash Maharaj, Poet - Gyanendra Pati and Historian Mahendra Pratap. PATRON: Justice Z.M Yacoob Sitting Judge Constitution Court of South Africa & Chancellor of University of Durban, South Africa.