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Police torture of a doctor and lawyer in Varanasi,India

Anti Torture Initiative

Dr.Amardeep Gupta and Ratndeep Gupta(Lawyer) Resident of S-11/24,Chaukaghat,Varanasi brutually beaten up by police of Varanasi under the leadership of Mr. Sansar Singh,CO,Cantt on 29.12.2007.
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Dr. Amar Deep Gupta is permanent resident in S 11/24 in Chowkaghat under jurisdiction Jaitpura in Varanasi district. Dr. Amar Deep is living with his joint family in his forefather house he is running "Deep clinics" in one part of the house S 11/23 in chowkaghat since long time.
On 28th December, 2007 anti encroachment expedition came in after noon with out giving prior information start demolished the medical clinic of Dr. Amar Deep in which medicine and surgical instrument of lakhs Rupees were buried in the ground.

On 29th December, 2007 before demolishing Dr. Amar Deep Gupta and his younger brother advocate Ratan Deep Gupta show all original supportive document which prove the property of Dr. Amar Deep Gupta family.

When Dr. Amar Deep was showing paper to Circul Officer Chetganj Mr. Ashok Kumar Verma then some anti element throw stone and C.O gets injury on his face in reactionary work Station officer, C.O, city magistrate and other policeman present at that time brutally beat Dr. Amar deep Gupta and Ratan Deep Gupta with stick and but of the gun until both of them faint. Policeman arrest both Dr. Amar Deep and Ratan Gupta.

After of the incidence wife of Dr. Amar Deep (Ms. Mamta) and Ratan Deep Gupta (Ms. Shikha) went to Jaitpura police station to know about her husband. Station in charge Hari Ram Maurya and other police officer start abusing with ugly word to both Mamta and Shikha. Police officer threat and start swinging stick to both women. From print media personnel both women came to know their husband is kept in Jaitpura police station.

Both women in police station saw Dr. Amar Deep Gupta was faint and Ratan Deep Gupta right leg broke and he was drenched with blood. Approximately at 1:30 pm Ratan Deep Gupta condition become critical due to bleeding and he was admitted to District hospital in Varanasi in police custody. Amar Deep Gupta also becomes serious and he was also admitted to District hospital at 9 pm in the night. On 29th December, 2007 this news was aired on the television.

Section that was filed by police officer against Dr. Amar Deep and Ratan Deep Gupta are 147/325/332/333/352/353/504/506 of Indian Penal code and cr. L A .Act.

PVCHR filed petition to National Human rights Commission of India.RCT and PVCHR project on testmonial model did testmony of Dr. Amardeep for short therupeutic treatment to him.
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Lucknow Declaration

Anti Torture Initiative, Anti Violence Initiative, Campaign

Lucknow Declaration
Regional Convention
26th June, International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
Ravindralaya, Lucknow, India
We, the Regional Convention at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh in India, desiring that State embodies the aspirations of the People, aver the need for greater efforts for promoting the sovereignty of the People through democratic values and structures based on nonviolence and justice.
We uphold social democracy and economic equity through sustainable development.
We advocate optimum and equitable utilization of resources for the benefit of the people, providing them adequate forum to influence and participate in decisions on natural resource use and management.
We reaffirm the inalienable right of the People of India to basic needs including food, clothing, shelter, health, education, social security and productive work as dignity of labour.

We cherish and uphold the Rule of Law, sovereignty of the people, a system of governance that ensures devolution of power, People's right to self rule and control over natural resources.
We advocate full independence of the judiciary, adhering to internationally recognized values and principles. People beneficial lawmaking process has to be participatory, representative and fully transparent.
We believe that People have sovereign rights to take decisions on matters concerning their lives, and urge periodic review of all international commitments and national laws to enable people to exercise sovereignty.
We maintain that governance improvements have to begin and end with the People and that their empowerment can result only when power is devolved through effective structural changes in character of Shraman Culture[i] based on justice, nonviolence and rule of law.

We also maintain that existing social, economic and political imbalances hinder nation-building and that the legislature, executive and the judiciary must be fully accountable to the People.
We uphold the information right to people through participation in decision-making and governance.
To organize a forcein against and oppose the attempt of the Saffron brigade to saffronise the rainbow culture of the country. We strongly support the pluralism of our Nation and are determined not to allow anyone to destroy the pluralistic atmosphere of the country.
Fight State and non-state actors' suppressionon the right to expression with democratic mindset to put them right.
Equal, Secular, Free Compulsory elementary educationis the responsibility of the government and the gimmicks with education should be stopped.
Struggle to enact the anti- torture legislation and to ratify the UN convention against torture by India.


We affirm that discrimination based on gender, caste, creed, religion, ethnicity and disability is a major obstacle to meaningful participation of People in political, economic and social field.
We call for patriarchy-free secular India, and support the individual's right to self-determination and development and uphold their duty to national integration.
Demand laws and their enforcementin regard to bonded labour,child labor , sexual harassment, discrimination based on caste & gender and attack on minority.
We resolve for an immediate and effective end to untouchability, the worst form of discrimination and demand interventions as follows to take in politics:
·         Programs for the uplift of the Dalits and mechanisms to empower them for defend their rights.
·         Reservations(affirmative action), in public as well as the private sector, to ensure participation of all at all levels starting from primary schooling and across all spheres of life.
·         Reservations to enable at least 33% representation of women in all spheres of private and public life.
·         Discrimination to be considered a real life problem.
Review of existing laws and modifications to incorporate the implementation of international instruments.
·         To implement the recommendation of report of Sachchar' Committee[ii] and Justice Rangnath Mishra[iii] on Muslim minority. 
Food sovereignty
We believe the right to food is a fundamental right and must be assured through guarantees to equality in work, justice, uniform minimum wages and land reform.
We advocate that all aid and trade agreements and legal instruments be subject to public scrutiny to ensure their transparency and accountability.
Demand National lawfor landless agricultural laborers and domestic workers as skill workers.
Ensure purchase of weavers and farmersproduce while the 'Public distribution System' prices should be brought at half of present process.
Provide homes to the homelessand provide shelter to the homeless in urban areas.
Organizing Organization: Dynamic Action Group (DAG), Peoples' Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR), Voice of People (VOP), National Alliance on Testimonial Therapy (NATT), Right to food & work, Uttar Pradesh, Detention Watch

Co-operative organization:Sathi, Tarun Chetana. Gramya, Roji Roti Sangathan, Dalit Mahasangh. Disha Sanstha, Jagriti Seva Sansthan. Bundelkhand Seva Parishad, PUCL, Dr. Ambedkar Social Welfare Society, Sanchetana, Sikhar Prashikshan Sansthan, Dwaba Vikas Sansthan, Human Right Law Network, , C.E.R.T, Jan Adhikar Manch, Jan Sikhan Kendra, Gramya Swaraj Samiti, Kanhar Bachao Andolan, Mushar Vikas Manch. Gramin Yuwa evam Bal Vikas Parishad, Pani, INSAF- Uttar Pradesh, Swaraj Uthan Samiti, Institute of Social Development Trust, Sangram, Bahujan Kalyan Parishad, Astitwa, Roja, Manav VIkas Parishad, Aman – Uttar Pradesh, Sonbhadra Vikas Samiti, O.M India, Parmarth, Pahuch Vikas manch, Apada Niwaran Manch. Savitir Bai Phule Women's Forum, Rojgar Haq Abhiyan, Prerana Kala Manch,Anyay Ke Khilaf Morcha,Wada Foundation,UP Gramin Evam Khetihar Mazdoor Union,UP Sahari Garib Kamgar Sangharsh Morcha,Vigyan Foundation,Shahari Garib Morcha,Mahila federation,Dehat,Asian Bridge-India,Adiwasi Mahila Vikas samiti.

Report of Fact Finding Team of PVCHR

Anti Torture Initiative, Report

In February this year, communal clashes erupted in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh when a procession of Barawafat (Eid Miladun Nabi) was passing through. Rather than controlling the clashes the security forces and infamous PAC leashed a reign of terror on local Muslims – they were beaten, their homes looted and hundreds of them were made named accused for the rioting.
Eminent human rights group Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) sent a factfinding team to the village and the team has come out with the stories of shameful khaki terror and brutality.


Strengthening National Commission on Minorities of India

Achievement, Anti Torture Initiative

EU - PVCHR "Reducing Police Torture against Muslims at the Grass- roots level by Engaging & Strengthening Human Rights Institutions in India" initiated intervention in NCM on the police torture cases against Muslims and simultaneously personally liaison with the National Commission for Minorities (NCM). Now NCM is not only responding to our cases but also writing letter to National Human Rights Commission to take necessary action.



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