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PVCHR-Dignity evaluation report on Knowledge Hub of Practice in partners

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This final report contains the end-line evaluation findings of RCT and PVCHR's TOV program dubbed as Promoting a Psycho-Legal Framework to Reduce Torture and Organized Violence (TOV) in India.

The program’s over-all objective is ensuring strong and well-organized testimonial campaigns that contribute to eliminate impunity for perpetrators of torture in India. The program had developed the capacity of PVCHR as a knowledge centre that promotes the testimonial therapy for psychosocial rehabilitation of the torture survivors and advances advocacy for the prevention of torture. The program likewise utilized the testimonial therapy as a psycho-legal intervention implemented at the individual and community level for healing and empowerment. The testimonial therapy had served as a bridge between rehabilitation and advocacy in the fight against torture in India.

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PVCHR on rape

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In particular, in this representation, PVCHR would like to focus on the even more serious situation that arises when patriarchal attitudes are reinforced by caste, communal and class inequalities or perpetrated by the state, that is, when sexual violence is inflicted as a part of an assault by a dominant community as in a caste attack or communal riot; or when sexual violence is inflicted on women in custody in a police lock-up or jail or state institution; and when sexual violence is perpetrated by the police, security forces or army. In this regard we have the following suggestions:


Healing and Empowering the Marginalized Communities

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Now communities in the torture free model villages of PVCHR-Dignity initiative are constructing a new culture which is driven by knowledge and spirit to deal effectively with any human rights violations and prevent any potential unrest by cultivating embracing attitudes. The community people are now speaking more gently and respectfully with one another. The community leaders have started taking the initiative of organizing the community meeting.


During the meeting they are mindful of resolving disputes that are happening in their communities and those presented for resolution. As best as possible, they are trying to manage their own problems. On the whole, the people’s fear of the police has greatly decreased.


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