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Cashing in on prejudice: Police torture of Muslims in UP

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There is a social, political, and economic discrimination against Muslims daily. Police torture is a portrayal or manifestation of the social discrimination and marginalization of the Muslims community. Therefore ending police torture goes hand in hand in socially, economically and politically strengthening the Muslims. Today there are many organizations working toward helping the Muslims out of situations which breed violence and discrimination. Yet in India the Muslims are only one of the marginalized communities who are subdued and denied their human rights. Dalits, women, children and Tribals are other communities that face the same legal, political, and social discrimination. The discrimination in India is so difficult to reduce because it is truly ingrained in Indian society. The police torture stems from an idea of rightful inequality, penetrating Indian society; therefore change is problematic.


Attack on Dr. Lenin by three unidentified men who entered the house of Dr. Lenin forcibly, fired upon him and gave life threats

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On April 24, 2013 at around 8 pm three unidentified assailants knocked at the house of Dr Lenin(http://www.frontlinedefenders.org/LeninRaghuvanshi) General Secretary of PVCHR(www.pvchr.asia) and called Dr Lenin outside the house(SA 4/2 A, Daualtpur, Police station: Cantt,Varanasi-221002,India) and then suddenly fired upon him with pistol with the intention to kill Dr Lenin.


 Dr Lenin fortunately bent down and the bullet missed him but then suddenly the other assailant took out a knife and attacked Dr Lenin on his foot. After this all three assailants ran away taking advantage of the darkness in the lane outside Dr Lenin’s house. Dr Lenin tried to resist the assailants, also tried to catch them and even chased them on his newly purchases scooty but at the end of the lane at the main road construction was going on there was a JCB parked in the middle of the road. The driver of the JCB (http://www.jcb.co.uk/) came down attacked Dr Lenin and then fled. Cops from Paharia police-out-post also came but no FIR was registered neither any step was taken for security.


 Immediately letter through email was sent to Director General of Police,UP(uppcc@up.nic.in), Senior Superintendent of Police,Varanasi( sspvns@up.nic.in) and National Human Rights Commission(hrd-nhrc@nic.in).


Complaint should be considered as a First Information Report (FIR).

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A lot of crime such as rape but no FIR,so......


Hand of Justice: Never seen by Children of Mothers in Prison

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Founder of PVCHR and member of NHRC NGOs Core group Dr.Lenin Raghuvanshi brought the issue of children with mother in jail http://www.pvchr.net/2013/04/meeting-of-core-group-of-ngos-at-nhrc.html. The Chairperson, NHRC took note of issues raised in the Agenda            items 6&7 and decided to write a letter to all the Chief Justices. Apart from the need for ensuring legal aide, he reiterated the implementation of guidelines of Supreme Court and NHRC in respect of conditions prevailing in jails.


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