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Weavers’ Villages in India Suffer TB Epidemic

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Children are especially at risk.

Mumtaz Ali says he has no way to help his 4-year-old grandson, Anwar, who coughs throughout the day, spitting blood with each spasm.“Doctors say he is malnourished,” Ali said. “They say we should give Anwar nutritious food. But the fact is, I cannot even afford two meals a day — forget about giving him milk and eggs. Only Allah can save us.”The average income in Lohata is about 3,000 rupees per month ($48).In many ways, Lohata’s fortunes have fallen with the decline of the sari industry, leaving many already vulnerable families destitute.

Shruti Naghvanshi, who works with Voice of People, a conglomerate of charity groups in Uttar Pradesh, said weavers used to produce about five saris per week. Now, due to changing fashions and a lack of raw materials, weavers are lucky if they make two per week.Less weaving means more poverty and poorer nutrition, and TB’s toll on Lohata appears to be growing. About 12,900 people in the villages died of the disease in 2011, and about 13,700 died in 2012, according to Dr. S.P. Dubey, a health official in Uttar Pradesh who oversees the TB program. Statistics for 2013 are not yet available.

Read more: Weavers’ Villages in India Suffer TB Epidemic | TIME.com http://world.time.com/2014/02/07/weavers-villages-in-india-suffer-tb-epidemic/#ixzz2shLCJqLY


A 'Broken People' in Booming India

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Comment of Anup Kumar Srivastava in Washington Psot:
"India is not a true democracy," said Anup Srivastava, a researcher with the People's Vigilance Commission on Human Rights in Varanasi who is investigating complaints filed by Dalits about discrimination among neighbors, in schools, at hospitals and at work. "The country is independent. But the people aren't. How can there be a democracy when there are still people known as untouchables who face daily discrimination?"
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Commute the death sentence into imprisonment for life

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In the cases of Suresh,Ramji, Bilavendran, Simon, Gnanprakasam, Madiah,Praveen Kumar, Gurmeet Singh, Sonia, Sanjeev, Sundar Singh, Jafar Ali, Magan Lal Berala, Shivu and Jadeswamy,Honorable Supreme Court commute the death sentence into imprisonment for life.

Thanks Advocate Yug and Advocate Colin Gonsalves.

PVCHR is fighting case of Suresh and Ram ji from 2001.

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Solidarity letter from Germany on Muzzafarnagar riots

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Solidarity from Germany on Muzzafarnagar riots.Urgent appeal of PVCHR as follows:

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