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Karma Festival: A way to the dignity of the tribal to protest to resist anti -tribal mindset

Anti Torture Initiative, Child Centric Model Block, Child Participation Initiative, Model Process

Today ‘Karma dance’ is popular in the entire world but the performers are languishing in penury and their identities are at stake. If we turn back to the history then we see that in November 1986, these dancers performed in front of President at ‘Apna Mahotsav’ held in New Delhi. Even they were honoured and invited in a dinner hosted by the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, the present UPA Chairperson at Teen Murti House on November 24, 1986. Later on, from 7th to 24th 1989, in Mumbai, there tribal dancers performed in the presence of Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi. In 2001-2002, 16 performers participated in Island Festival held at Andaman Nicobar Islands. Karma tribal dance performers belong to Ghasia tribe have no land, not home and not even safe source of drinking water. But they have the skill and had inherited the rich legacy of ‘Karma dance’.


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Anti Violence Initiative, Child Centric Model Block

Ein Frauenzentrum für Dalit -Frauen im Dorf Baghwanala bei Varanasi -
-ein Stipendium und eine wundersame Aktion -
Wechselwirkungen einer fruchtbaren Zusammenarbeit
zwischen Indien und hier.


Children initiative against child marriage

Child Centric Model Block, Women Rights Initiative

PVCHR children group  initiative against child marriage publishe in Hindi daily Amar Ujala


NHRC asks state govt to pay compensation to deaf & dumb boy

Anti Torture Initiative, Child Centric Model Block

Therefore, the Commission asked the government of Uttar Pradesh through its chief secretary to pay Rs 3 lakh as compensation to the victim. The compensation money should be deposited in a nationalised bank as fixed deposit in the child's ac

count under guardianship of a responsible government official. The principal and accrued interest will be given to the victim when he becomes a major.
The Commission also received letter (dated 30.05.2012) sent by secretary, home (human rights), Section - I, Government of Uttar Pradesh, stating that the then Mirzamurad SHO Dhramveer Singh and constable Anjani Kumar Paswan have been found guilty for assaulting the child and not taking legal action. A penalty of censure has been imposed upon both of them for their lapses. The letter further states that the family of the deaf and dumb child could not be traced.


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