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UN Day in support of torture victims at Lucknow

Anti Torture Initiative, Anti Violence Initiative, Campaign

UN Day in support of torture victims at Lucknow


"We beat our hungry children to sleep": People's tribunal on starvation in eastern Uttar Pradesh


The tribunal directly heard 25 detailed complaints of starvation from persons of various communities. It also heard comments from many other persons who gathered for the hearing. It learnt that within the last three months, four starvation deaths had been reported in Shankarpur village of Vanarasi and Tanda village of Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. It heard that although starvation deaths are going on, victims' families are not receiving proper attention from the government authorities and food-for-work schemes are not being properly implemented.


Dalit atrocities in Lalitpur: NHRC demands report

Anti Torture Initiative, Anti Violence Initiative, Campaign

Taking a note of complaints of alleged atrocities on Dalits in Bundelkhand’s Lalitpur district, the national human rights commission (NHRC) has sought a report from the state government.

The commission has also asked its director general (investigation) to send a factfinding team to Lalitpur to probe into the matter.

The issue of alleged harassment of Dalits in the form of caste-based discrimination, sexual exploitation and untouchability in the region was brought to the notice of the NHRC by an NGO - People’s Vigilance Committee of Human Rights (PVCHR) - working in Bundelkhand.

“The situation is alarming. Dalits are not allowed to wear shoes in front of upper caste people in rural areas of Lalitpur,” alleged Dr Lenin Raghuvanshi, chairman, PVCHR.

NHRC issues notice to the UP Government on allegations of caste-based discrimination and sexual exploitation in Bundelkhand region.

Anti Torture Initiative, Anti Violence Initiative

Allegedly, a Dalit needs to take off his shoes and hold it in his hand, if a Thakur is approaching towards him. He has to do so while visiting a locality in the village inhabited by upper caste. The complainant, Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi of PVCHR, Varanasi, UP, has alleged that this practice is prevalent in several villages of District Lalitpur in the region.


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