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The Politician’s place in Therapeutic Practice

Anti Torture Initiative, Anti Violence Initiative

A Study of Politicians’ Participation in Ceremonies Rehabilitating Victims of Torture in Uttar Pradesh, India

BY Anna Windfeldt Thorning

as Master Thesis, 2014
Department of Political Science and Government, Aarhus University


Plan of Jan Mitra Nyas/PVCHR on child right

Child Centric Model Block, Child Participation Initiative, Strategic Planning

Too early to wed

Anti Violence Initiative, Child Centric Model Block, Child Participation Initiative, Women Rights Initiative

Shruti says, ‘when we initiated the school first teacher gave resign and then we appointed a women teacher who faced domestic violence in her life. We initiated adult literacy, campaign against police torture and the illegal activities by the criminal in that area. Whole process in the grass – root are mostly implemented by the women activist and responsible men for women rights so, a gender perspective is very strong in process against the existing concept of masculinity.’


‘Banaras Convention’ for a comprehensive, medley, plural and inclusive culture


BANARAS SAMMELAN (Banaras Convention) observed on August 09, 2014 i.e. on the occasion of August Kranti Day    at the Moolgadi Kabir Math , Kabir Chaura, Varanasi, India from 11 onwards. The programme started with the classical music by Varanasi famous Maharaj trio Pt Vikash Maharaj   (renowned Sarod player) and Pt Prabhash Maharaj (Tabla player).

Representative of various religious leaders Swami Avimukteshwaranand (representative of Shankaracharya  of dwarka peeth), Maulana Abdul Batin Nomani, Sahar – e Mufti, Maulana Haarun Rasheed Nakshbandi, Bhante Kirti Narayan and Father Gabriel (Director of Diocese, Varanasi) shows light on role of religion and spirituality on pluralism. The religious leaders jointly released report of Kashi Kumbh to save river Ganga ji.

The initiative honoured Jan Mitra Award to Ms. Teesta Setalvad , a veteran social activist, Dr. Tir Vijay Singh, a veteran journalist and Senior Editor of Hindustan and Mr. Nageshwar Patnaik, a veteran journalist for their incredible contribution and commitment & another hand ‘PVCHR Ambassador’ to Pandit Vikash Maharaj, Sarod Maestro and Mr. Prabhash Maharaj, Tabla Maestro as a legendary musicians to protect and assert pluralism and inclusiveness around the world.

The group of singer performed on the message of Kabir (kabeer vani), theatre play “Ganga or Gangi by Prerana Kala Manch  and screening of documentary on Muzaffarnagar riots by Gopal Menon  are main cultural components of convention. The program will end with foot march (Kabir Yatra) from Kabir Chaura Math to Chandra Shekar Azad  Park, Lahurabeer, Varanasi.


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Fighting caste discrimination
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PVCHR founded in 1996 by Mr. Lenin Raghuvanshi and Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi in close association with Sarod Mastro Pandit Vikash Maharaj, Poet - Gyanendra Pati and Historian Mahendra Pratap. PATRON: Justice Z.M Yacoob Sitting Judge Constitution Court of South Africa & Chancellor of University of Durban, South Africa.