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Invitation National Consultation “Testimonial campaign contribute to eliminate impunity for perpetrators of torture in India”

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"You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind"

Mahatma Gandhi


The Saga of Torture in Kashmir

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The conflict over Kashmir isn’t due to economic, social, cultural or religious reasons, though these reasons do play some part in perpetuating the conflict. The conflict remains grounded in historical roots. The identity ruckus is creating havoc, and the broken promises adding fuel to the fire and the dream of an Independent Nationhood being a hope which drives the resistance in Kashmir. The previous attempts of assimilating and integrating the Kashmiri identity with Indian one have failed, and in future too they are bound to fail. Kashmiris describe the Indian rule as continuity in the chain of oppressive regimes starting from the year 1585, when the Mughal Emperor Akbar conquered Kashmir by deceit5. Since then Mughals, Afghans, Sikhs, Dogras and now Indians are ruling Kashmir. The desire for accession to Pakistan may have grown frail but the hope for an Independent Kashmir has never died, instead it has grown stronger with each passing day. The daily torture, frisking, humiliation, molestations, maiming and killings are reinforcing the dream of an Independent Kashmir.


The prevention of torture law is a much-needed step to embellish India’s credentials as country with a sound criminal justice system

Anti Torture Initiative, Latest

Dr. Lenin’s organization is doing a tremendous task by holding testimonial ceremonies where-in testimonials are read out and survivors are facilitated. It boosts up the moral and confidence among them. This creates and atmosphere of understanding among the survivors of different kind of violence and between different communities. They keep them following up as per UN standards, until everything becomes normal. We need several such organizations to testimonial campaign to its logical end. Use of the all the possible means to raise the voice for justice, especially Information Technology has to be utilized to amplify the unheard voice of people.

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