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India’s human rights obligation – A Case study of discrimination and torture in Indian State of Uttar Pradesh

Anti Torture Initiative, Anti Violence Initiative, Basic Rights

“Police brutality on me, my father and brother shiver my spine and fear overpowers me. Still I am terrified by the police thinking that as I raise voice against them, then they might implicate me in any false case. Earlier police used to stop me and used to threaten that they would implicate me in false case. The entire incident has pained me and it would be in my mind for years together. Suffering emanating out of police torture can not be compensated”.  (Voice of voiceless, 2011)


Urgent Appeal: India: Rule of Law or Rule of Lord in Uttar Pradesh of India?

Anti Violence Initiative, Basic Rights

Peoples' Vigilance Committee on Human rights (PVCHR) got information from relatives of survivors who came to PVCHR office for help that a young Mushar boy resident of Village Jaam under jurisdiction Sikarara, Jaunpur of Uttar Pradesh was forcefully abducted by the brick kiln owner and police personnel.


India and Dalit need your kind support


Greetings from PVCHR.

Introspect to realize what went wrong, only then you find new approaches to engage with the various problems of India. 

To get in touch with the many problems, still existing in Indian Society, the piece of Silk in brochure( http://issuu.com/elias.schmidt/docs/brochure_pvcrh_2011?mode=window&backgroundColor=%23222222) should be a symbol to feel and don’t forget , what still worth to fight for – the beauty and variety of India and its people. Don’t leave them behind.  

You have a problem in hand. Own it to solve it.

India and Dalit need your kind support. Please stand by us and join hands with us.


Yours Sincerely,


Lenin Raghuvanshi

Founder and CEO, PVCHR

Gwangju Human Rights Award – 2007

Association of Cultural Harmony in Asia (ACHA) Star Peace Award – 2008

Director of ACHA - Since 2009

International Human Rights Award of Weimar (Germany) - 2010

“Break the culture of silence, silence against impunity”- Dr. Lenin


Pointing out at casteism and injustice, my grand-father, a Gandhian and freedom fighter always used to say “Struggle is still pending after the freedom; it is not against British but against our own people.”

I would like advice youths that ‘be always connected to society, especially marginalized section of people and rule of law, with the values of justice, secularism, democracy and non violence. Use the all possible means to raise the voice for justice, especially Information Technology has to be utilized to amplify the unheard voice of people.


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PVCHR founded in 1996 by Mr. Lenin Raghuvanshi and Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi in close association with Sarod Mastro Pandit Vikash Maharaj, Poet - Gyanendra Pati and Historian Mahendra Pratap. PATRON: Justice Z.M Yacoob Sitting Judge Constitution Court of South Africa & Chancellor of University of Durban, South Africa.