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Heard to unheard voice of Dalits among the norwegian policy makers

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The paper published in Bistandsaktuelt. It gives a focus on the dalit situation and PVHCR as an organization who is fighting for their rights.This paper are distributed to all NGOs, most newspapers and political parties in Norway.

It is prepared by Mr. Ken Opporann, who is also famous photographer  www.kenopprann.no/ and official photographer of Nobel Peace Prize www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/2009/obama-photo.html. Who observed and participate in social movement all over world.

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They emptied the latrines, tanned leather and slaughtered animals. They took the "dirty" jobs that other Indians would not have. They should not be touched by people from higher castes. But now things are about to change for the Dalits.

(By Ken Opprann)

A steady stream of papers must be reviewed and signed by Lenin Raghuvanshi (right) in the office of Peoples Vigilance Group on Human Rights (PVCHR). Raghuvanshi, who belongs to a high caste, established the organization in 1996 and has fought against the caste system since. Several times he's been threatened with death. - I am inspired and get strength from my grandfather. He fought for Indian independence from Britain. I also struggle against the oppressors - but these oppressors come from within, says Raghuvanshi


Lenin Raghuvanshi


Testimonial therapy:A pilot project to improve psychological wellbeing among survivors of torture in India

Anti Torture Initiative, Report

In developing countries where torture is perpetrated, there are few resources for the provision of therapeutic assistance to the survivors.
The testimonial method represents a brief crosscultural psychosocial approach to trauma, which is relatively easy to master. The method was first described in Chile in 1983 and has since been used in many variations in different cultural contexts.
In this project the method has been supplemented by culture-specific coping strategies (meditation and a delivery ceremony).



Weaver:a case studies of Neo-liberal policy and feudal mode of producation

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Story of heard of unheard voice of weavers of Varanasi in India



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Fighting caste discrimination
The life narratives, voices, and actual experiences on this website reflect the spiritual awakenings of personalities extraordinaire who desired to make a difference in the lives of others. The passion for social justice and meaningful activities, the dedication to compassion, the commitment and healing journeys of those ordinary individuals and their stirring stories is what we intend to showcase.

PVCHR founded in 1996 by Mr. Lenin Raghuvanshi and Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi in close association with Sarod Mastro Pandit Vikash Maharaj, Poet - Gyanendra Pati and Historian Mahendra Pratap. PATRON: Justice Z.M Yacoob Sitting Judge Constitution Court of South Africa & Chancellor of University of Durban, South Africa.