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Urgent Appeal: India: Indian patriachy with nexus with corrupt police system is failing to save a woman from violence of her husband

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PVCHR office received a 23-year-old woman Neelam (name changed) who was in trouble due to the atrocities by her husband. He used to abuse her every now and then, attacked her dignity in public by humiliating her in front of people, sexually assaulted her and made MMS. She suffered all this at the hand of her husband. She was not allowed to talk to any of the relatives, friends or neighbours and was threatened of dire consequences if she would speak to someone.

It is possible that his previous wife too was tortured like this and out of frustration she committed suicide in the house. However he could convince the in-laws and there was no case filed against him therefore he has a high spirit to commit such offences against the woman he marry. He would take names of musclemen while talking and flaunt their names as in close proximity. One the victim tried lodging a complaint with the Khojwa police-out-post but instead of listening to her woes the cops there tried to convince and threaten her to go back.

Once when she was upset with the torture of her husband she escaped to her mother’s house. But then he sent her a packet in which there were her clothes that were cut in to tiny pieces. He told her that I have sent your clothes now but if you do not return back soon I will do the same with your children so if she wanted has children to live she should come back. Even then she refused to go back. Then her brother Shyamsunder was lifted by cops and held captive in the police station. He was set free only when she went back.


भारत : सभ्य समाज में पुलिसिया प्रश्रय के कारण दरिंदा अधेड़ उम्र के पति द्वारा हैवानियत

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मानवाधिकार जन निगरानी समिति ( PVCHR )कार्यालय मे मदद के लिए आयी 23 वर्षीय नीलम (काल्पनिक नाम) अपने पति हबसी और हैवान किस्म के आदमी जो बात-बात में गाली देने, ताना देने और शारीरिक दुव्यर्वहार के अलावा पति-पत्नी के बीच प्रेम भरा व्यवहारकर सार्वजनिक यौन उत्पीडन और MMS बनाना जैसी अत्याचारो को सहती रही है ! जब कभी तंग आकर अपनी माँ के पास जाने को कहती तो वे नही आने देते। उन्हेपरिवार, रिश्तेदार पड़ोसियों किसी से बात करने की मनाही थी, पति  सभी को धमकाकर रखते थे कि कोई मुझे बातचीत ना करें।


Muslim threats, nationalist fantasies and the 'Great Assam Exodus'

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"Violence in Assam is localised with its particular history and context," human rights activist Lenin Raghuvanshi told AsiaNews.

However, for Raghuvanshi, who is director of the People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR), such co

nflicts "have repercussions that explode in internal conflicts fuelled by the nationalism of fascist forces."

In his view, "India's greatest threat is an internal exodus provoked by internal nationalist groups (supporters of the Hindutva ideology) or external groups like Muslim fundamentalists."

Women leaders appeal for Neo -Dalit movement

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