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PVCHR on rape

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In particular, in this representation, PVCHR would like to focus on the even more serious situation that arises when patriarchal attitudes are reinforced by caste, communal and class inequalities or perpetrated by the state, that is, when sexual violence is inflicted as a part of an assault by a dominant community as in a caste attack or communal riot; or when sexual violence is inflicted on women in custody in a police lock-up or jail or state institution; and when sexual violence is perpetrated by the police, security forces or army. In this regard we have the following suggestions:


On NHRC recommendations UP govt. relents and pays compensation for land

Anti Violence Initiative, Women Rights Initiative

Triveni Devi Chauhan of Village Kabarai, District Mahoba, UP was struggling to get compensation since 2006 for her four bighas of land used by the PWD to construct a road, but was not heard by the concerned authorities. Police also did not register her complaint against the PWD. She got a ray of hope when on 26 June, 2011, Dr Lenin of PVCHR lodged a complaint in the NHRC seeking justice for the victim of PWD and police apathy.


Role of police in Varanasi of India for securing women rights: two faces

Women Rights Initiative

Yesterday (27 April, 2013), around 12 mid night Shruti Nagvanshi, managing trustee of PVCHR along with our activist Mr. Shiv Pratap Chaubey went to Sarnath police station regarding the abduction of 14 years old girl of Sarai Mohana under jurisdiction of Sarnath in Varanasi of India. Near the Sarnath crossing Shruti Nagvanashi received threat from Station House office, Sarnath.   He said that it is his area and he will see her.  Being as women, he also demoralized her by asking silly questions.

As on 15 April, 2013 14 years old Meena (name changed) she was abducted through marriage by Vikas with the support of Sheela (a neighbour of Meena). On 18 April, 2013 Meena family informed to the Sarnath police but no FIR was lodged. After getting no help the family moved and submitted application to Senior Superintendent of Police and inspector General of Police and on their direction FIR was lodged on 23 April, 2013. But S.O did not arrest the perpetrator or any action.

On 25 April, 2013 the hundred of people protested outside Sarai Mohana police out post under Sarnath police station. On the protest of local people police arrested Sheela on same day and yesterday night the girl was rescued and released from Bihar and the perpetrator Vikas in the custody of Sarnath police, but no statement before magistrate and medico-legal report.   

S.O Sarnath not only misbehaved with Shruti but also give threat Shiv Pratap Chaubey on his mobile on 27 April, 2013 at morning.

This is not only case of trafficking in Saraimohana but 5 years before Saraimohana was centre for the chat pat marriage but after PVCHR intervention it finished. Now again it started around 15 girls got chat pat marriage and they never come back to see their family again.


From Desk of Executive Director of Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR)



Complaint should be considered as a First Information Report (FIR).

Anti Torture Initiative, Anti Violence Initiative, Women Rights Initiative

A lot of crime such as rape but no FIR,so......


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